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Mother Sky - Band Photo.jpeg

Put a seashell to your ear, and it all comes back. 


The sound of the earth trembling. The sound of the future paying burning tribute to the past. The places you left behind. The people you loved. The promise of possibility echoing across the crackling skies of forever. 


Mother Sky take you there. Songs born of an old world, crafted for a post-rock paradise. A stranger you feel you’ve met before, pulling back the curtain on a new horizon. Reverence for the past, longing for a different future. 


Six friends. Six stories sewn into one majestic, shimmering vision. Mother Sky is what happens when love for music and deep friendship collide. When you’ve known each other so long, sometimes all it takes is a tiny spark for something incredible to happen.  


The journeys these friends have been on. The tangled-up lives that we lead. Mother Sky stitches together beautiful complications and rolls out a cosmic road-movie soundtrack where we hurtle towards our dreams. 


Listen closely. You’ll hear the backstreets of Manchester. You’ll hear the wind whipping the Welsh hills. You’ll hear the passion of professionals who’ve made music with some of the most striking artists of the past decade (Radiohead's Philip Selway, Emiliana Torrini, The Cinematic Orchestra, Bat For Lashes and Lamb to name a handful). When musicians with such rich history write together, the results can only astound. The whispers of yesterday and all the hopes for tomorrow.

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